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Take your training to the next level

KA HA Paddle Systems

Paddling is in our blood, so is design and engineering, together we have created a product that allows paddlers to train in the comforts of their home, as much as we love the ocean and riding the swells, sometimes our day jobs and life get in the way. Enter the KAHA Paddle Trainer.

What our customers say

" I totally love the paddler adaptation to my concept rower.It arrived well packaged and in great condition .The action is smooth, Ilove it .

Peter E Qld Australia

''Due to Hawaiis Covid restrictions ,outrigger Canoe Paddling season has been canceled.My wife decided to purchase the KAHA paddle trainer and she LOVES IT!! The KAHA balance baseis a must with the kit because it feels like your on a one man.

Tony C Hawaii