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Concept 2 model D&E Adapter kit with balance base

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Designed ,Fabricated and assembled in Australia .We have combined our high quality  adapter kits with our patented balance base to create a more beneficial  workout.!

   Hammering away on an ERG is great for a cardio workout . However for us paddlers that want to move our canoes faster we know its not all about big muscles . Good technique, smooth changes and  balance needs to happen simultaneously!  Our base has been designed and tested by paddlers for paddlers to put the "FEEL " into your dry land training. 

  - High quality full Alloy welded construction .

  - Attractive and durable powder coated finish,

  -Designed to fit the ever popular concept 2 rowing machines .

  - Can convert back to rower with out removal of adapter kit in less than 5 minutes.

  - 24month warranty on all parts 

   - Shipping world wide available