Kaha Paddle Systems

1.25'', 32mm Adjustable KAHA AMA transport bracket

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Another great product  designed and made in Australia by KAHA industries . Fabricated from light weight and super  strong aluminium and finished in a durable powder coated finish.

   Save time and roof space.  Insert into your iako holes and lock them into place.  Your Ama can now be mounted to your canoe while on the ground and lifted to your racks as one unit. 

  With an adjustable saddle angle these brackets can be adjusted perfectly to suit your canoe.

Note.  There is an initial setup required when fitting to your canoe. This will take around 10 minutes, This is the setting up of the saddle angle and will require 2 x spanners (not included)

Features   -Designed and made in Australia to Fit 

                   Kamanu composites ,Pueo , Noio

                   Puakea designs , Cantares ect

                   Kai waa,  Scorpious, Ares ,Gemini


                  - Includes straps with buckle protection

                 - 25mm closed cell foam padding on saddles.

                 - Adjustable saddle angle to suit your canoe.

                - Durable powder coated finish 

                -Fabricated in light weight but strong  aluminium 

              - 2yr warranty on brackets


Benefits   - Will allow up to 3 canoes to be transported on your roof 

               - Frees up car space .

               - Easier and quicker loading and unloading .