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KAHA Balance base. Single outrigger paddlers, this is for you!

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    If your looking for a more complete ERG experience the balance base is a must. These will ensure core stabilisation is activated in turn keeping posture and technique in check. Tested by paddlers for paddlers, we have the next best thing to on-water training!

  Balance is an often overlooked aspect that can  improve canoe speed and efficiency. Focusing on power and numbers  alone can  result in bad technique and wasted energy. 

   The balance base kit has been developed  with  single outrigger paddlers in mind.  Designed to give the paddler feed back  while paddling, The rocking will keep you aware of how the body's movements will be effecting  the canoe on the water.

  To keep the ERG balanced, core  stability as well as a good connection with your feet  will have to be in sinc  to  keep the ERG from rocking.

 If you are a single outrigger  paddler wanting a more complete workout this is for you.

- Easy 5 minute installation.

- Easily removed .

- Adjustable side to side. This allows the user to set to a similar feel to their canoe.

- Great for single outrigger canoe training .

- Raises the ERG by 60mm making it a more comfortable height. 

- Rocking motion sensitivity can be dampened to help with progression. By sitting the pads on a folded yoga mat/towel, rocking sensitivity can be reduced.