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KAHA Balance Base kit. Free shipping when purchased with an adapter kit.

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    Unique to our paddle kits is our registered design balance Pads. Tested by paddlers for paddlers, we have the next best thing to on-water training.

  Balance is an often overlooked aspect that can  improve speed and efficiency.

    With the onset of fatigue, technique can sometimes go out the window. The balance kit keeps you aware of how the body's movements will effect the canoe in the water. Core muscles used for balance and stability will be activated as you try to keep the ERG balanced while  paddling. If you are a serious paddler wanting a more complete workout this is for you.

- Easy 5min installation.

- Easily removed .

- Adjustable side to side to allow for desired feel. Scale stickers supplied for accurate adjustments

- Great for single outrigger canoe training .

- Raises the ERG by 60mm making it a more comfortable height. 

- Rocking motion can be dampened by using on a foam base (folded yoga mat, towel etc)      to create different levels of motion.