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Kaha Balance Base

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Unique to our paddle kits are our registered design balance Pads. Tested  by paddlers for paddlers , we have the next best thing to on water training .

   With todays busy life style  Ergs are a great alternative if you cant get on the water  . However  Paddling  with bad technique  can sometimes promote bad habits . 

    With the onset of fatigue ,technique can  go out the window . Sloppy changes ,leaning on the Ama and bad paddling posture will slow you down  .The balance kit will ensure   technique is kept smooth and consistent by allowing the erg to react to your every move .Core  muscles used for balance and stability will be activated while simultaneously paddling Just like the real thing   . If you are a serious paddler wanting a more complete workout  these coupled with the Kaha adapter kit will put the "Feel "back into your dry land training .

  - Easy no tool installation and easily removable when not in use .(or chocked either side to stop rocking motion )

  - Adjustable side to side to allow desired  feel.

  - Great for single outrigger canoe training .