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KAHA canoe Saddles

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Transporting your canoe on less than ideal saddles is a risk we have been taking for to long .Canoes being blown off car roofs while fumbling with straps, pressure indentations from over tightening the straps etc. Our  6mm thick aluminium extra deep saddles   with 25mm thick by  80mm wide soft EVA  foam saddles have been designed to give extra support.  Made specifically for fragile canoe hulls.

- Will fit roof racks with T slot mounting system. (99% of all racks available)

- Increased surface contact compared to other generic saddles available. This reduces the risk of strap damage as less pressure is required to secure canoe.

- Compatible with our loader.

- Stainless steel fasteners.

- Extra high sides help when loading in windy conditions.

- Can be adjusted to suit different hull shapes.

- Made to last 

- Powder coated finish.

- 30 day money back if returned in undamaged condition.