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Concept 2 model C,D&E Adapter kit ultimate package. International shipping available.

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Single craft paddlers this is for you!

For the competition guys we have combined our high quality  adapter kits with our patented balance base and seat spacer to create a more challenging and complete dry land paddling training tool.

Hammering away on an ERG is great for a cardio workout . However if you are chasing numbers on your monitor and forgetting about technique, bad habits can sneak in. For  paddlers that want a faster canoe we believe  its not all about big muscles. Good technique, smooth changes along with  balance, power and endurance  needs to happen simultaneously. 


  •   Aluminium  rollers used  for increased durability and serviceability.
  •   High quality full Alloy welded construction .
  •   Super smooth action and quiet operation.
  •   The aluminium light weight  paddle features an integrated roller  for a smooth action throughout the stroke. With a textured finish for grip and utilizing a cord  protection sleeve to eliminate cord wear.
  •   Straight or bent paddle shaft option 
  •    Easy 15 minute initial installation with instruction book and video link
  •    Adjustable seat locking system allows for quick adjustment for different size           paddlers, great for fitness centers or clubs
  •    Attractive and durable textured black powder coated finish to match you rower
  •    Ability to  convert back to a rower with out removal of adapter kit in less than 2     minutes.
  •    All replacement parts available.
  •    Designed and manufactured in Australia.
  •    2 year warranty. 30 day money back if not satisfied with your purchase.Excluding shipping costs.

  What you will get

  •   Concept 2 paddle adapter kit with straight or bent shaft paddle.
  •   Balance base kit
  •   2" , 50mm  seat spacer kit
  •   Spare cord
  •  Instruction book with QR code video link