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Kaha easy loader 2.0

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    If you are like us, your canoe will spend a fair amount of time riding on your roof. We have developed a loading aid specific for outrigger and ski. Enter the KAHA easy loader 2.0. Our Motto is, if we don't use it we don't sell it .  

 If you have a high roof, your vehicle's racks are too close together, short legs or just over loading your canoe the hard way, you will love the Kaha easy loader 2.0. With innovative engineering we have come up with a long overdue solution that we believe is the best on the market!  

   Aluminium  loading arms are connected with 2m spreader bars .This allows for better canoe support as most racks on smaller vehicles are around 1m apart, not ideal when transporting a long canoe or ski. 

  Please note ,if racks are spaced far enough apart, loading arms can be connected to roof rack without the need for spreader frame .Please contact us for a price as it will be a cheaper option .



   - Drop down lifting bar allows for easy loading on high vehicles , vans ,lifted 4x4 etc

   - Saddles give 5 points of contact on hull for more secure holding and are also         adjustable to allow for loading the canoe on  an angle .

   -  Australian made lightweight but strong Aluminum with stainless steel fasteners.

   -  Many configurations available to suit your requirements.

      (contact us for any custom requests)

   -  Comes in raw aluminum finish or black powder coating.

   -  80mm wide Removable saddles with 20mm padding for great hull support

  -  Super quick and easy to load and unload your canoe

  -  Quiet and does not rattle during transport. 

  - 12 month warranty, 30 day return.

  - Shipped worldwide


 Note  - These racks are made to order with a 2-week lead time.